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Frak Tank


  • Type: Vacuum Tank Trailer; Non-DOT Spec
  • Capacity: 5460 Gallons, +/- 2%
  • Commodity: Unspecified Oilfield Fluids
  • Design Pressure: 15 PSI Internal, 22 INHG External, 23 PSIG Hydrostatic Test
  • Shell: 1/4" PL x 60" OD.
  • Baffle: (2) 1/4" PL Flat Flanged and Dished Each with Interior Shell Reinforcement Ring
  • Stiffener:  Channel 3” Rolled Rings (8) External
  • Welds: Internal Root, External Submerged-Arc
  • Compartment: Single
  • Suspension: Leaf  Springs
  • Axles: 22,500 LB Round with Outboard Drums
  • Wheels: 10 Hole Steel Disc Hub Pilot
  • Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 Radials
  • Brakes: 16-1/2" x 7" with Spring Parking,Auto Slacks, ABS Both Axles
  • Upper Coupler: Bolt on Adjustable
  • Landing Legs: 2 Speed, Heavy Duty,High Capacity Lift
  • Outlet: Two 4" Butterfly Valves at Rear with a Wedge Sump
  • Manways: Four located on Top, one on Rear Head, all 21" Domed Style with Plated Swing Bolts and Wing Nuts

Producimos Equipamiento aliado Oilfield Equipment para el manejo de fluidos de perforación, agua para Fractura de pozos y almacén de salmueras en operaciones petroleras, ya sea para renta y/o venta de Frac Tank, Presas, Tanques de Almacenamiento para Agua o Recorte de Perforación, Tanques o Silos para almacenamiento de Barita o Arena Sílica.
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